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  歡迎參加-2018 Fabulous Taiwan 【臺灣好精彩!】第六屆圖文攝影大賽暨展覽
發文單位:國際事務處      張貼日期:2018-01-25  

2018 Fabulous Taiwan 【臺灣好精彩!】第六屆圖文攝影大賽暨展覽比賽辦法
1. 攝影器材:不限專業相機,數位相機、平板電腦、手機皆可。
2. 作品呈現:自訂題目,同一題目以四張照片呈現,並搭配文字敘述,文字 需中英對照,中文至少50~100字。
3. 照片內容:素材不限,舉凡讓你覺得新奇有趣的台灣的人文、民俗節慶、 風土民情、產業文化、建築文物、自然景觀生態等皆可拍攝。
4. 文字內容:敘述關於照片的故事及個人感受。
5. 請勿翻拍、拷貝、盜用、人工加色、電腦合成,照片僅可做亮度、對比度色彩飽和度的適度調整。
6. 曾參加其他攝影比賽得獎、或曾公開發表(如平面出版、公開展覽等)之作品不得參賽。參賽者保證其參賽作品為本人原創、合法之攝影作品,絕無侵害任何第三人或法人之智慧財產權、隱私權、肖像權及其他權利之情事,因此所衍生之法律問題,概由參賽者自行負責。
7. 檔案格式不完整以致無法讀取,而影響評選結果將以棄權論,不另行通知。
8. 獲獎作品之數位原始檔案著作財產權歸主辦單位所有。
9. 作品評選方式與標準:
10. 主辦單位會將參賽作品上傳【臺灣好精彩!】圖文攝影大賽FB粉絲專頁,舉辦網路票選活動。
11. 主辦單位將於展覽當天頒發前三名得獎者獎金及獎狀;其他得獎者當日則可領取獎金及獎狀。
1. 加入【Fabulous Taiwan】Photography and Caption Contest粉絲團(按讚就加入)。
2. 網路報名:作品(圖檔)及報名表訊息至:【Fabulous Taiwan】Photography and Caption Contest粉絲團。(參賽資料報名表,檔名:學校(中文)__ 姓名(中英文)_______)
3. 為加速報名,可先壓縮檔案後傳送,建議將報名表與作品置於同一資料夾以壓縮檔寄送。收到得獎通知後請傳送原始檔給主辦單位(單張作品圖檔控制在5MB以內,格式為JPEG檔。為供展覽活動輸出,作品解析度最好為600萬畫素以上)。
4. 收件截止日期:2018年3月31日止。
1. 第一名 獎金新台幣20,000元,獎狀乙紙。
2. 第二名 獎金新台幣15,000元,獎狀乙紙。
3. 第三名 獎金新台幣10,000元,獎狀乙紙。
4. 佳作(27名) 獎金新台幣1,000元,獎狀乙紙。
5. 人氣( 5名) 獎金新台幣1,000元,獎狀乙紙。

2018 Fabulous Taiwan Photography and Caption Contest and Exhibition

1. Activity Goal: It is expected that, through the international students’ experience, the rich and diverse culture; unique and beautiful sceneries of Taiwan can be translated into breathtaking and touching pictures to demonstrate the different and colorful facets of Taiwan. By organizing the themed 【Fabulous Taiwan! 】 photography contest, the international students would be encouraged to forge deeper connection with the local culture of Taiwan.
2. Activity Theme: Vigorous Taiwan (the novel and interesting vigorous Taiwan from the perspective of participants)
3. Participants: Students who are current recipients of the Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship
4. Contest Method:
I. Photography equipment: not limited from professional cameras to digital cameras, tablet computers, and mobile phones.
II. Presentation: works should be presented in the form of a set of 4 photos with a short caption of 50 to 100 words in Chinese, and translate your caption in English.
III. Photograph content: Any photos with subjects illustrating the culture, folk festivals, customs and culture, industrial culture, building heritage, natural landscape and ecology of Taiwan are acceptable.
IV. Text content: It should be a set of 4 photos to describe the story and personal feeling.
V. Internet entries: Please do not use copied, photocopied, copyrighted, touched up or computer-generated photos. Only moderate adjustment to brightness and color contrast saturation are allowed.
VI. Photographs that have won prizes in other photo contests or have been published are not eligible for submission.
The entries must be:
-The original and legal work of the entrants.
-Non-infringing of the rights of others.
Entrants are responsible for the resolution of any legal issues arising from their works.
VII. Entries that are unreadable due to incomplete file format will be withdrawn from the contest without notification.
VIII. Property rights to the original digital files of winning entries belong to the organizer.
IX. Work evaluation method and criteria:
l Evaluation method: preliminary review will select 30 honorable mentions, and secondary review will select the top three prizes.
l Evaluation criteria: composition 40%, content 40%, creativity 20%.
l Judge composition: One representative from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Science and Technology each, 3 professional experts.
IX. Web voting will be held on the 【Fabulous Taiwan!】Photography and Caption Contest Facebook fan page, with an additional Crowd Favorite award.
X. Top three winners can get prize and award at exhibition day; other winners will get your prize and award by another day or exhibition day.
5. Registration:
I. Join the 【Fabulous Taiwan!】Photography and Caption Contest Facebook fan page (like to join)
II. Fill out the contest registration form, upload the file and your photos to the private message of the fan page.
(File name: School(Chinese)Name_____(Chinese and English)_____)
III. You can compress your file before you upload to facebook. If you awarded with any prize, please send us your original photo(A single image file should be limited to 5MB in JPEG format. Entry resolution should be more than 6 megapixels for exporting files to the exhibition) to us.
IV. Registration Date: NOW until 31 Mar, 2018
6. Contest Prizes
(1) First prize NT$20,000 award
(2) Second prize NT$15,000 award
(3) Third prize NT$10,000 award
(4) Honorable mentions (27 People) NT$1,000 award each
(5) Crowd favorites (5 People) NT$1,000 award each
7. Exhibition Date: 14 May, 2018
8. Exhibition Venue: Chang, Yung Fa Foundation, affiliated organizations of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and organizations of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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