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  Q1: How to pay the tuition fee during the exchange term?
  Q2: Can the exchange term be extended or shortened?
  Q3: How can students konw what courses offered in the exchange schools?? Should students take courses related to what they major in Yuntech? Is there any upper or lower limit of credits students take?
  Q4: Can the credits advance standing for the credits required in the major in Yuntech?
  Q5: How to prepare financial statement? Is that necessary for every student?
  Q6: Can students reserve the Yuntech dormitory during the exchange term?
  Q7: Is the dormitory available in the exchange school? How to apply for accommodation?
  Q8: Can students take the master degrees if the master degrees in exchange school can be taken within one year? In the end of exchange programs, do students need to go back to Yuntech?
  Q9: Can students during exchange term go back to Taiwan in intersession?
  Q10: If students have student loan not paid off, can they apply for the exchange programs?
  Q11: What is obligation the for exchange students?
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