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  Regulations for Applying for the International Student Exchange Programs at YunTech

I.Application Eligibility

1.Students enrolled at YunTech may apply for student exchange program. Undergraduate student can apply from the second semester.
2.Graduates who get the admission approval from partner universities can postpone graduation once. After the extension is approved, cancellation is prohibited.
3.Students who enroll in the In-Service Program can apply for student exchange program. But they may not apply for scholarships at YunTech during the exchange period.
4.Overseas students who qualify may apply for student exchange program (including international students, overseas Taiwanese students, and students from China); however, students may not apply for student exchange program at universities in their countries of birth.
5.Students planning to study in foreign countries shall submit scores from foreign language examinations that are accepted by the host university.
6.(1)Overall Average Grade Requirement: above 75 OR ranked top 50% of the class
   (2)Overall Average Conduct Requirement: above 80
7.Qualify for the requirements in the host university.

II.Required documents
1.International Exchange Application Check List
2.Application form
3.Declaration of Parental Consent
4.Student Card Copy
5.ID / ARC Card Copy
6.Proof of Study in English version
7.Both Chinese and English transcript (including ranking in class and department)
8.Certificate of language proficiency
9.English CV
10.English autobiography
11.English study plan
12.English bank statement (if you want to apply for the exchange program in Japan.) 
13.Supplementary materials favorable for review
III.Application Procedure 
Applicants shall prepare required documents with signed application form from the department, and submit to the Office of International Affairs during Application Period.
IV.Application Period
Fall Semester: February-March
Spring Semester: August-October
*Application should be completed before or on the due date. Late or incomplete application is not acceptable.

V.YunTech selection and review criteria
1. Exchange to China
(1) Undergraduate students
   A. average score 20%
   B. ranking 50%
   C. outstanding performance 30%
  (2) Graduate students
   A. average score 70%
   B. outstanding performance 30%
2. Exchange to foreign countries
  (1) Undergraduate students
   A. average score 20%
   B. ranking 20%
   C. language proficiency 40%
   D. outstanding performance 20%
  (2) Graduate students
   A. average score 40%
   B. language proficiency 40%
   C. outstanding performance 20%
VI.Important Reminders
1.During the exchange period, exchange students should remain enrolled at YunTech, pay tuition, and may not apply for suspension, withdrawal, or early graduation. A student violating this provision shall have their status as an exchange student cancelled and be required to pay the tuition of the sister university.
2.After finishing the exchange program, students must return to YunTech to complete their degree or the procedure for leaving YunTech, including transferring credits for the courses taken abroad. Credit recognition or transfer shall be reviewed and determined by the exchange students’ respective departments and Office of Academic Affairs within the next semester after students come back
3.Expenses of the flight ticket, overseas insurance, visas, etc, must be borne by exchange students.
4.Exchange students can’t get the Certificate of Diploma from partner universities.
5.Applicants admitted to the student exchange programs may not request a deferment of admission.
6.An exchange period lasts for at least one semester but no longer than one academic year. Exchange students who wish to shorten or extend an exchange period must obtain consent from both YunTech and the host university.
7.Submit a report of university life or activities within 1 month of the end of the exchange for the Office of International Affairs to use for publicity on its website.
8.Assist YunTech to provide and share relevant experiences with future exchange students. 



Download the Form of Required Documents
1.International Exchange Application Check List
2.Application form
3.ID Card or ARC Copy
4.Student Card Copy
5.Declaration of Parental Consent

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