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  Office of International Affairs (OIA) in National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
  (YunTech) was re-organized on August 1, 2005 with the predecessor of the Center  for University
  Affairs Development initiated on August 1, 1994.These two on-campus organizations have been
  serving as a window for YunTech to promote internationalization on campus and international
  exchanges and cooperation with overseas counterparts since international activities are an 
  integral part of the University life.
  The OIA is the main window to provide information, administration, and training for YunTech
  students and scholars who wish to:
  point5.gifstudy or teach abroad in overseas partner universities under Inter-university Exchange  
  point5.gifdispatch and invite faculty members under Inter-university Exchange Agreements
  point5.gifdispatch students under Inter-university Exchange Agreements
  point5.gifestablish cooperative partnerships with overseas universities
  point5.gifconduct international, bilateral co-research projects
  point5.gifinvite mutual visits of educational personnel and scholars
  point5.gifsecure scholarship or fund for international projects and studying abroad
   Feel free to contact us by the following detailed information.
   Address: 123 University Road, Section 3, Douliou, Yunlin 64002 Taiwan, R.O.C.
   Phone Number: +886-5-534-2601 ext. 2392 or 2393
   Fax Number: +886-5-531-2064
  The OIA is located in Innovation Center (next to Yunmeng Lake), and divided to two offices,
one of which is on the 2nd floor,
responsible for the business of the international administrative education group,

and the other is on the ground floor (aka International Corner, opposite the student restaurant), 
responsible for the international exchange and collaboration, and international students.
  Operation Hours
  The OIA office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mondays to Fridays, except for national

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