Outbound Exchange Program for Spring Semester 2025 (Except for China)

A. The application for outbound exchange program (Spring 2025) is opening to register, please collect and submit all the required documents by 12:00 PM, September 26, 2024.

B. Please aware of the regulation, including requirements, language proficiency, application process, etc. 

C. Application System: https://admissions-oia.yuntech.edu.tw/oe/index/index/puid/113-2

D. Submit the signed Application Form and Recommendation Letter to International Office by 12:00 PM, September 26, 2024.

E. You can find more information(Quota and Fact Sheet) from "List of Recruiting University".

a. YunTech will review your application before nomination. Please do not apply through partner universities' website before announcement.
b. International Students can't apply to your original countries.
【Contact information】
Ms. Eunice (Division of International Exchange and Corporation)
05-534-2601 ext.2392


2025 Spring Outbound Exchange and Scholarship
Registration→ https://webapp.yuntech.edu.tw/Activities/Activities/Details?activityID=80925




(一)  申請表
(二)   論文被接受之證明文件影本
(三)   擬發表之論文全文或摘要影本
(四)   國際會議日程有關資料


(一)   補助總金額最高新台幣2萬元。
(二)   申請補助項目:
         1. 由國內至國際會議舉行地點最直接航程之本國籍往返經濟艙機票或船票

          2. 出席會議之註冊費




(一) 申請人須為本校已註冊之在學博、碩士班一般研究生,所發表之論文須以本校名義為之,且係在本校完成尚未發表者。

(二) 每一篇論文以一人申請補助為限。

(三) 每一申請人於同一會計年度內以補助一次為限。

(四) 參加之會議若為線上會議方式辦理,申請表上之地點請填列線上,並同時填列主辦方之國別。

(五) 學生出國前請先至「學生請假系統 」辦理公差假申請(無課時間及寒暑假也須事先請假才可辦理核銷)。


七、聯絡方式:國際事務處李小姐 分機2381,Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它


Funding Application for Graduate Student Attending International Academic Conference


2022 Funding Application for Graduate Student Attending International Academic Conference is accepted
from now on to 17:00 pm., Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

The application will be processed on a rolling basis until the appropriation of the special account for that
year is exhausted. When the annual subsidy funds are exhausted, the applications will no longer be accepted.

I.  Applicants should first apply for subsidies from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) or other units. 
    Those who have not received subsidies can apply for subsidies from YunTech.

II. Applicants should prepare the following documents, and send them to the Office of International Affairs (OIA)
    after passed the preliminary review by their department (signed by the applicant, advisor, department staff 
    and supervisor of the department) no later than the date of conference.

  1. Application form
  2.  Acceptance Letter
  3.  Abstract or Full paper
  4.  Agenda and information of the conference

III.  About the Grant:

  1. The total amount of subsidy is up to NT$20,000
  2. Grant Item (grantees have to pay by themselves in advance)
    (1) Round-trip economy class ticket fee (directly from Taiwan to the location of conference) 

    (2) Registration Fee

IV. After the subsidy is approved, those who have not gone abroad or any change (time, place, etc.) for some reasons
     have to inform the OIA contact person.

V. Notice

  1. Applicants have to be graduate Students with YunTech academic status (excluding In-Service education
    program student). The paper applied for funding is accomplished and will be published with the credit to the University

    (YunTech), and have been completed in the school but have not yet been published.
  2. About the co-authored papers, the grant shall be limited to one graduate student per paper.
  3. Each graduate student can only be granted once per year.
  4. If the conference to be attended is conducted online, applicants should fill in “online” on the location field
    of the application form, and also fill in the country of the organizer.
  5. Grantee must apply for official business leave for going abroad on the Student Leave Application Online System
    (in YunTech SSO) in advance. Students participating in various activities on weekdays r holidays (including summer

    and winter vacation) for an official purpose, with no courses scheduled at YunTech during the leave,
    are still required to log into the Student Leave Application Online System to apply for leave.

VI. For more information, please go to the website

VII.     Contact person: Ms. Li, #2381, Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它


 國際事務處 Office of International Affairs謹啟





三、 申請所需資料:國際事務處首頁>> 表單下載 >> B01國際交換學習及雙聯學制-赴大陸地區交換 

  1. 國際交換/研修生申請資料檢核表
  2. 國際交換生修習學分申請表
  3. 身份證、學生證正反影本
  4. 家長或監護人同意書
  5. 中文履歷
  6. 中文自傳
  7. 中文出國學習計畫
  8. 中文在學證明
  9. 中文歷年成績單(請另附單一入口網查詢歷年平均成績及排名頁面列印)
  10. 語言能力證明
  11. 中文財力證明
  12. 交換校要求之文件(申請表格、作品集等)  
  13. 其他有利審查之文件(2年內有效)
  14. 赴大陸地區出國研修申請資料表(excel表)


      01合肥工業大學           名額:3個

      02天津大學                 名額:3個

      03西安交通大學          名額:2個

      04大學                       名額:個

      05大學                       名額:個

      06大學                       名額:個





國際事務處 啟

業務承辦人:國際教育行政組 林心怡 (校內分機:2383/ E-mail: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它

《Online Orientation線上說明會》

Do you want to know more about Taiwanese culture? 
Do you want to celebrate the Lunar New Year with local family members? 

Join Taiwan Hostfamily Program!
We'll be holding an "Online Orientation" on January 7th at 3 pm. 
In this orientation, we'll introduce what “Taiwan Hostfamily Program” is and how to find a host family by using our online system.
In the end of the orientation, we have quizzes with prizes and lucky draw for all attendees!
You'll have a chance to win the 7-11 NT$100 gift card or our styling IPass card!  
Don't miss out!!  
Date&Time: January 7 at 3 pm 
Language: English
Who can join: Overseas(international) students who currently study at universities in Taiwan
How to join: Fill out the form and we'll send you a Google Meet link by January 5. 
Deadline: January 4  
Sign up報名:  https://forms.gle/a2cF7BqeDa1PmjP26

Contact Information: 
許郁屏Gianna Hsu
●Tel: 06-2533131 #1603  ●E-mail: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它

1. We don't offer international shipping.
2. Awards are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash or other items.













三、 申請所需資料:國際事務處首頁>> 表單下載 >> B01國際交換學習及雙聯學制-赴大陸地區交換

  1. 國際交換生修習學分申請表
  2. 身份證、學生證正反影本
  3. 家長或監護人同意書
  4. 中文履歷
  5. 中文自傳
  6. 中文出國學習計畫
  7. 中文在學證明
  8. 中文歷年成績單(請另附單一入口網查詢歷年平均成績及排名頁面列印)
  9. 語言能力證明
  10. 中文財力證明
  11. 交換校要求之文件(申請表格、作品集等)  
  12. 其他有利審查之文件(2年內有效)


      01四川大學          名額:4個

      02深圳大學          名額:2個

      03西安交通大學    名額:2個

      04南京大學           名額:3個

      05大學                名額:個

      06大學                名額:個





國際事務處 啟

業務承辦人:國際教育行政組 林心怡 (校內分機:2383/ E-mail: Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它


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