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  Academic Year Spring 2020 Application for International Students Important Dates
發文單位:Office of International Affairs      張貼日期:2019-09-20  


Contents Application
Announcement August, 2019
Registration September 12th to November 8th, 2019
Document review November 11th to November 22nd, 2019
Results December 5th, 2019
Notification December 5th, 2019
Report deadline December 31st, 2019
Enrollment letter From January 10th to January 31st, 2020
Semester February, 2020



  1. In order to successfully apply, please carefully read through each rule of this guide book.

  2. Documents of the application shall be submitted and postmarked by November 8th (Friday). Applicants who submit their documents in person shall submit their documents by 5 p.m. on November 8th (Friday) to Office of International Affairs. Application received after the deadline will not be processed.

  3. Please make sure that you know every date of the application, or you may be late for the deadlines.


微笑 2020-Spring-Application_Guide_for_International_Students.pdf

微笑 2020-Spring-Application_Guide_for_International_Students.doc 

To avoid unclear handwriting, please type your personal information on the document, except signature.

If there is any question related, please be free to ask us. (email: 

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